Wat wil Wilders teken de petitie tegen de PVV

“Group insult” is the deliberate insulting of a group of people because of their race, religion or conviction.
See law text.




Wilders insults groups

"This country has excise taxes on gasoline and diesel, parking permits and a dog tax, had an air traffic tax and has a packaging tax, so why not a headscarf tax? A “head rag tax”. (..) This way we are finally going to earn back on what has already cost us so much. My line is: the polluter pays."
Contribution of Geert Wilders to the Parliament debate on the 2010 state budget, PVV.nl website, 16 September 2009

"Therefore: time to thoroughly clean up our streets. If our 'new Dutchmen' are so keen on showing their love for a seventh-century desert ideology, go ahead and do it in some islamic country, but not here, not in our country."
Contribution of Geert Wilders to the Parliament debate on the 2010 state budget, PVV.nl website, 16 September 2009

"The heart of the problem is the fascist islam, the sick ideology of Allah and Mohammed as it is laid out in the islamic “Mein Kampf”: the Quran."
Geert Wilders, De Volkskrant, 8 August 2007

"If muslims want to stay here, they have to tear out half of the Quran and throw it away."
Geert Wilders, interview in De Pers, 13 February 2007

"I've had enough of the Quran in The Netherlands: ban that fascist book."
Geert Wilders, De Volkskrant, 8 August 2007

"And the Quran is the “Mein Kampf” of a religion that aims to eliminate others..."
Geert Wilders, De Volkskrant, 8 August 2007

"I do not incite hatred, the Quran does. It is a fascist book. This is not a book we should have here."
Geert Wilders, AD, 17 August 2007

"Do you agree that these inhabitants are right, looking at problems such as public disorder and criminality that a centre for asylum seekers will bring?"
Parliamentarian questions from PVV MPs Sietse Fritsma en Geert Wilders on the PVV,nl website, 14 May 2009

"One more mistake and I suggest we offer all those islands [the six Dutch Antilles] on Ebay.com. The highest bidder can have them."
Geert Wilders on the Dutch Antilles, AD 22 October 2007

“Let's put that corrupt scoundrels nest [the Antilles] up for sale as soon as possible. The highest bidder can have them, as far as I'm concerned."
Geert Wilders, Algemeen Dagblad, 9 January 2008

"I will tear down Islamic schools, because I believe they are dangerous, fascist institutions where young children are being grown up in an ideology of hate, intolerance and violence."
Interview with Geert Wilders on Swedish media, 13 July 2009

"Many fundamental problems in The Netherlands, such as infrastructure, traffic jams, housing problems and the welfare state, are ultimately directly connected to migrants."
Geert Wilders in interview with DPA (German), 3 January 2008

"People are fed up with the criminality and the taxes they have to pay, which are the result of the islamisation of The Netherlands."
Geert Wilders, Fox News channel (00.45 min.), 25 January 2008

"I find the ideology of the islam abject, fascist and wrong."
Geert Wilders, Het Nieuwsblad (Flemish), 9 February 2008

"We have Moroccan youth really behaving like barbarians: killing people, attacking people, doing the most horrible things."
Geert Wilders interviewed by Glenn Beck (CNN 04:17-04:35), 25 September 2008 (on pvv.nl)

"The justified anger of so many people who complain about high taxes, about bad health care for our seniors, and the Moroccan intifada that is devastating our country."
Geert Wilders during "General Political Considerations" ("Algemeen Politieke Beschouwingen") debating the 2009 state budget, 18 September 2008

"I propose the withdrawal of all hate speech legislation in Europe"
Speech by Geert Wilders in New York on PVV.nl website, 25 February 2009


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